100lb Double Nylon with Swaged on Needle and 2 x 12mm Crimps

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Monofilament Nylon Lateral Suture Packs contain either a single or double length of Nylon in different breaking strengths with or without a swaged on needle and with or without the necessary crimps. The reason we supply packs with and without needles and is that some surgeons prefer to purchase the needles separately and re-use them for multiple procedures, however it is worth noting a blunt needle will make the procedure more difficult to complete. Our packs are also supplied without crimps in some cases as some surgeons prefer to secure the two ends of the suture with a knot, which can be quicker and less ‘fiddly’ than crimping. However the size of the knot can cause soft tissue irritation so the lower profile crimping is often preferred. Below is a simple recommended guide for which nylon line to use in different weights of patients. 50lb used for <12kgs 80lb used for <20kgs 100lb used for <35kgs 100lb Double used for 35kgs + Please ensure you read the product name properly to ensure you select the correct procedure pack.