2.0mm Distal Plates x 18mm 4 Hole

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T-Plates are often used for distal radius fractures but can be used for many other fractures and although the term T-plate means T-shaped they do come in slight variations. The codes ending ‘T’ are shaped as a standard T, with 2 holes in the head or distal section and 2 to 6 holes in the proximal section so 4 to 8 holes in total as the sizes of plates increase. 2.0mm, 2.7mm and 3.5mm sizes. The codes ending ‘L’ or ‘R’ are left or right versions where 1 of the 2 holes in the head or distal section is on the left or right side of the proximal holes. These plates have 4 or 5 holes in total - 2.0mm and 2.7mm only. The codes ending ‘OL’ or ‘OR’ are similar to the left and right variations above but the left or right distal hole is angled slightly further distally and these have 4 or 5 holes - 2.0mm and 2.7mm only. 2.0mm Distal Plates Thickness 1.5mm Width 5.0mm 2.7mm Distal Plates Thickness 2.0mm Width 6.0mm 3.5mm Distal Plates Thickness 3.2mm Width 10.2mm