2.4mm Broad Cuttable Plate 24 Hole with spaces 150mm Long

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Long plates that are simply cut to the desired length intra-operatively. May use for multiple procedures. Supplied in standard and broad profiles for where that little extra strength may be needed. All Cuttable and Cuttable/Malleable Plates have round holes so compression isn't possible. Cuttable and Cuttable/Malleable plates are aren't as strong as a compression plate so should only be used on smaller bones or in conjunction with other fixation methods, i.e. IM pins. Cuttable/Malleable are simply more malleable to allow three-dimensional contouring although this further reduces the strength. Also supplied with and without spaces. The spaces give that part of the plate increased strength and gives the surgeon more options, i.e. placing the space over a fracture line. PLATE THICKNESS & WIDTH Thickness 2.0mm Width 7.0mm contoured