DST Series™ TA™ Single Stapler Cartridge Only - Supplied Sterile 30mm x 3.5mm Cartridge

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The DST Series™ TA™ Linear Staplers is available in the following lengths - 30mm, 45mm, 60mm,90mm Each of the lengths can fire either a 3.5mm or 4.8mm staple height cartridge, which gives two staggered rows of DST Series™ titanium staples. The 30mm is also available in a three row 2.5mm vascular load option. The instrument must be able to compress the tissue comfortably down to the closed staple height prior to firing so for the different staple heights, the maximum tissue thickness should be as follows: 2.5mm Staples - 1mm closed height / tissue thickness (30mm length only) 3.5mm Staples - 1.5mm closed height / tissue thickness 4.8mm Staples - 2.0mm closed height / tissue thickness The different height staple cartridges are also colour coded to make identification easier… 2.5mm - White Cartridge (only for use with 30mm length stapler) 3.5mm - Blue Cartridge 4.8mm - Green Cartridge If you would like more information on the Covidien DST Series™ TA™ Linear Stapler, please contact us. This item is the DST Series™ TA™ Single Use Stapler Cartridge Only - Supplied Sterile 30mm x 3.5mm