E-Fiber Metric 7 500mm

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E-Fiber is a medical grade braided sterile surgical suture made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and Polyester. E-Fiber is a non-absorbable braided suture that provides flexibility and strength superior to most other suture materials. This coupled with the abrasion resistant properties make it ideal as lateral suture material in cruciate repair. Could also be used in Hip Toggles and for other Ligament/Tendon repairs. Must be remembered that as a multifilament suture it does carry an increased infection risk in comparison to Nylon suture so asepsis is imperative. Supplied sterile in various forms including the suture material alone, suture material with needle and suture material with needle and crimp. Standard lateral suture crimpers can be used with the E-Fiber crimps. These pack are supplied sterile and contain a length of E-Fiber suture material, a straight and curved needle and a crimp. Double lines supplied with a double length of E-Fiber, straight and curved needles and 2 crimps. Please ensure you read the product name properly to ensure you select the correct procedure pack.