Halstead Mosquito Forceps 120mm Cvd Gold

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A small, light and very popular haemostat commonly used to clamp smaller blood vessels or to grasp finer delicate materials and tissues. We also offer a toothed version which is commonly used in meniscus surgery to grasp the meniscus or in other surgeries where a small grasping instrument may be needed. Following a request from Martin Gabbutt MA Vet Mb MRCVS we have added a range of coloured curved Halstead’s. Very useful for when you have to lay a line of sutures in restricted areas before tying them. Clip similar coloured ones on the end of each suture so that when it comes to tying them its quick and easy. Good for deep hernia repairs such as perineal and diaphragmatic, also great for paw surgeries in dogs especially on the ventral aspect. Supplied as a set and singly. Many nurses and vets also carry a pair in their pocket as they can be used for various clamping or grasping tasks so you may just want a coloured pair to go with your coloured dressing scissors or simply to differentiate or add a bit of colour to your surgical kits.