Rodent Dental Kit - Gold

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  • £200.00

We have put together a Rodent Dental Kit offering a basic set of rodent/rabbit dental instruments to cover most dental procedures. As with all our kits they can be customised as needed to offer exactly what you want. Supplied in an autoclavable case with silicone inserts to hold instruments in place and protect any delicate tips. Rodent Dental Kit contains the following: Rodent Mouth Gag with Silicone Tips Cheek Dilator 40mm Cheek Dilator 60mm Cheek Dilator Long Reach Rodent Rasp Small Molar Luxator Incisor Luxator Molar Extraction Forceps Rodent Spatula Rodent Molar Cutter Box and Silicone Insert. This particular kit is the Gold kit - designed by VETisco to ensure all kit is colour identifiable from other kits you may have.