Mayo Chamfered Blade 180mm Cvd

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Mayo Scissors could be described as heavy duty surgical scissors used to cut thicker tissues. Straight Mayo scissors are generally used near the surface of a surgical wound to cut fascia and muscle layers. Curved Mayo scissors allow deeper penetration into the surgical wound to cut thicker tissues within the body. Available in Standard, Supercut and Supercut T.C. options. Standard scissors are good quality scissors with a straightforward stainless steel cutting edge. Supercut scissors have one blade with a tapered edge and the other with micro-serrations. The action of the supercut blades is that the serrations hold the tissue in place whilst the tapered blade cuts through it like a knife. This action is more atraumatic to surrounding tissues than standard scissors would offer. They have black handles to distinguish them from other scissors. Supercut Tungsten Carbide (Supercut T.C.) scissors are the gold standard of surgical scissors and offer the advantages of the supercut scissors, but with the cutting edge of the blade in tungsten carbide this also means that it stays sharper for longer. They have one black handle and one gold handle to distinguish them from other scissors.