Opticlar Pro-Line I.O. Loupes with Case 3.0x Magnification 340mm Working Distance

  • Product Code: DI.402.030.340
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  • £475.00

With a twin lens system the Pro-Line range of loupes provide excellent edge to edge clarity with no aberration. The individually adjustable optics ensure accurate interpupillary setting. Coated optics minimise reflections and maximise light transmission to provide crisp bright images. The unique height adjuster provides perfect pupillary alignment. The extreme angles of declination available ensures that these loupes are ideal for dentistry as well as all other forms of examinatior or surgery. With water resistant housings the Pro Line range can be kept hygienic. Available in 2.5 & 3.0x magnification and working distances of 340, 420, 460 & 500mm. This item is the 3.0x magnification with a working distance of 340mm.