Osteo-Putty Syringe 5cc

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OSTEO-PUTTY Osteo-Putty is an absorbable, injectable bone substitute composed of biphasic granules (Hydroxyapatite and Tri-Calcium Phosphate) suspended in a Chitosan gel. VETisco supply Osteo-Putty in 3cc & 5cc sizes as a sterile ready to use injectable putty. It will remain as a soft putty during the healing process but is more mouldable than the Osteo-Paste. The use of granules promotes cell adhesion and proliferation and the gel contains biopolymers to carry the granules. The use of Osteo-Putty improves the initial stability of an implant, reduces surgery time as it can replace the autograft collection and the bone defect will heal quicker. Advantages of Chitosan: - Chitosan has strong osteoinductor and osteogenic properties to accelerate the growth of new bone. Enhances cellular adhesion Biodegradable and biocompatible Easier handling and adhesion to the defect ***Chitosan is obtained from shrimps so people with known shellfish allergies should take care when handling***