Pro-Active Paws Waterproof Dog Boot/Dressing Cover - Size 6

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The Pro-Active Dog Boots are made from a lightweight, breathable and waterproof fabric. This is a tough textured nylon and polyurethane material which is also used to make jackets for a European police force. The fabric will retain its waterproof qualities even under harsh conditions and is very durable. They are also designed to retain the natural movement of a dog’s paw. The sole and toe cap of the boots are covered in leather making it supple and yet strong. The boot has minimum connective seams to limit potential stress points in the boot and these seams are sealed with a special waterproof tape to maximise water resistance. Summary of features/beneits - * Breathable Materials (three layer fabric) - to aid healing * All seams sealed to prevent water penetration * Long length to cover casts or dressings completely * Orthopeadic design retains the dog’s current mobility and natural paw movement * Adjustable velcro straps for varied leg lengths to provide secure attachment * Slip resistant * Durable leather paw pads for outdoor use * Washable and re-useable This is a single Pro-Active Paws Waterproof Dog Boot/Dressing Cover - Size 6