rapID™ Stapler Cartridge Refills for Above Handle - Pack of 10

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VETisco is pleased to introduce the rapID™ fixed-head, multi-use, reloadable skin stapler. Over the years, many veterinary clinicians have come to realize that skin stapling is much faster, more accurate and consistent than suturing by hand. However, the rapID™ skin stapler now allows the veterinary clinician all the benefits of skin stapling without the environmental and cost concerns. A reusable, reloadable skin stapler that meets all your skin stapling needs. Benefits include: - • Re-Loadable Stainless Steel Skin Cartridge • Significantly reduce wound closure time • Autoclave over 10 times for significant cost savings • Skin Stapler with 35 Wide Stainless Steel Staples • rapID stapler can be used for skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures • Excellent ergo dynamic design and feel • Skin staple after closure 3.6 mm X 6.9 mm wide • Manufactured in the United States • Clear plastic so you can see any contaminants • Less rotated staples and jams This is a pack of 10 stapler cartridges - the handle is sold separately. Both the stapler and cartridge are re-autoclavable at least 10 times.