Ruhof Surgistain ® - Instrument Stain , Rust & Corrosion Remover 4 Litres

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Surgistain® is a quick, safe, efficient and non-corrosive solution that removes all water mineral staining, rust, pitting and corrosion from stainless steel instruments, trays, basins and trolleys. To be used periodically or as needed to restore the original finish of a stainless steel item as well as restoring function by loosening joints. Also helps prevent destructive pitting on ridges of micro and ophthalmic instruments. DO NOT USE ON SILVER PLATED OR CHROME ITEMS Supplied as a concentrate and diluted 1 part Surgistain® with 7 parts hot water. Then place in a container and soak cleaned instruments (opened joints) in the solution for 15 minutes or 30 minutes for heavily stained instruments. If using on trolleys and trays mix as with instruments and using gloves thoroughly clean the cart or tray with a hard bristle brush. Once items have been soaked or cleaned, rinse with water and dry as required.